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Three years is a long time, specially in the field of technology. I attended my first technical interview three  years back and even now i remember the  questions i was asked. I couldn’t forget those just because it was my first interview and more importantly i think its because i couldn’t get through it.

Now after  three years, when me and two of my friends were discussing about interviews in general, the question i was asked in my first interview came to my mind. You  might see me as a  dumb person not to answer that but i am pretty sure many won’t be able answer it either . It was ” What does Hypertext and Markup mean in HTML ?”.  All these years i don’t know why i didn’t bother to find out and after neither of my friends could convince me  i googled for the answer and finally got it.  Hypertext is text which contains links to other texts and markup is the process of taking ordinary text and adding extra symbols that tells a browser how to display the text.

I am afraid how many years the question i was asked about an year back in the oracle’s final round of interview will haunt me. I was asked to design the database for cricinfo.com website. I couldn’t manage it without errors and bang  came the reply “You can leave”. I know i was just not good enough on that day.

Now all  i can say is it gives me immense pleasure in doing things people say you cannot do. I have experienced it twice and that keeps me going.


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My first LUG meet

I have been using Linux since last one year in a start stop manner as part of few courses that i have taken as it was mandatory. Even though i was fascinated by Linux I don’t know why i never gave it a thought of becoming a power user may be it has to do with the effort required to perform basic operations and more importantly our LAN games which we used to play.

Now a days after entering the corporate world i have been thinking to become a Linux professional and as part of it yesterday ( 24-02-2007) i have attended my first Linux Users Group (LUG) meet here in hyderabad.

There was 1.5 hrs session about shell scripting and a BOF (Birds of Feather) session about philosophy of Open Source, India contributing to the Open Source community and many more topics.

There was a right blend in the crowd that attended the meet. It had students from HCU, NIT warangal and experienced users from Virtusa, CA, Satyam and newbies like me. Above all the moderator for this group is a google system administrator.

The yahoo groups page is here.

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I stumbled upon this great site while browsing. It has guides about almost everything you need to run a business starting from choosing a name for your business and  writing a business plan to handling  the legal issues of a running a business.

Moreover all the  guides are free to use which is the best thing.

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Its time to Fly

Barely few weeks after the ‘India poised’ campaign by the Times of India our entrepreneurs proved that the campaign was not all hype. With the Tatas and Birlas aggressively acquiring companies and Vodafone’s desparate bid for Hutchison to enter the worlds fastest growing telecommunications market the economy of India has only way to go, that is up.

With Google investing in Seedfund the venture capitalist firm and other venture capitalist firms like Motorola Venture, Silicon Valley Bank and Mayfield Fund setting up shops in India the young entrepreneur of India will have a lot of backing and exposure to compete in the global marketplace.

I personally feel all the right elements are falling into place and that could back true innovation in India.

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Exciting Times ahead

After attending the Town-hall meeting with Nick Donofrio the Executive Vice President Innovation and Technology of IBM i felt i am lucky to be in the evolution period of many great technologies and ideas.

Nick spoke about many technologies and ideas and i think the most important one is the 3D-Internet. I feel it has the potential to take the centre stage. Just think about this, instead of the present shopping sites imagine walking around the shop and trying things you are looking to buy virtually sitting infront of your computer. IBM helped one of its client to open its shop in 3D-Internet and is investing a huge sum in this technology and i feel it has the potential to just push aside the current form of Internet. You can have a taste of the 3D-Internet here.

Among a lot of amazing ideas Nick spoke about for me the most catchy, crazy, awesome and ambitious idea is connecting the water bodies of the earth. As we know there are lot of water bodies on this earth but on wrong places. Nick said IBM is sponsoring a project which links all the water bodies on this globe.

One of the latest problems i came to know is about handling data which is being generated daily around the globe. Nick said research in this field is important as lot of data being generated and there is need to find a way so that we will be able to organize and search for the information easily. At that moment i felt the problem is nearly solved by the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.I could understand the problem only after he mentioned that daily 15 peta bytes of data is generated. That is huge because as far i know yahoo’s storage capacity is around 6 peta bytes and rest of them wont be too far way from it. The problem of search is far from being solved and it is now exponentially growin.

Thanks to nick i left the hall feeling pretty much excited to be around in such fascinating times.

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Office Live

Office Live.. When i first heard this i thought this is just a reactive product released to counter Google’s on-line productivity tools. Yesterday when i tried to sign up i came to know that its not yet released for India. Imagine getting a domain name and 500 mb hosting space for FREE!!!. Hard to believe but you have to.
Office Live gives us

  • Free domain name and Web hosting
  • Easy-to-use Web site design tools
  • 500 MB of Web site storage space
  • 25 company-branded e-mail accounts
  • Web site reports
  • Search engine advertising tool.

I am eagerly waiting for its launch in India. Who would turn down an offer like that ???

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The Ideal Company

We spend over eight hours working in our company daily we must be happy working there to be creative and productive. An ideal company is one where people just love to come to office. What i need in my ideal company:

  • It should give me a good salary of course I would not be honest if I do not tell this.
  • I have to be able to voice my opinion and be listened.
  • I should be able to increase my knowledge with the field i am with.
  • Should give me challenging problems.
  • Should give me Stock options.
  • Should have enough eves around ;).

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