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Google Speaker Series

As part of the Google Speaker Series’s inaugural talk, Vinton cerf visited Hyderabad today(on Feb 23 2007). Along with him came the Google India head who said there would more talks, one in each quarter of the year.

Coming to the Vinton’s talk it was pretty good, considering the opinion with which i went to hear it(with no offence to Vinton). I have read a blog regarding his talk in Bangalore and it said it was highly technical, so i went to the talk expecting Greek and Latin and was pleasantly  surprised to hear plain English.

He talked about the requirements which he and his colleagues had to meet while  designing the IP  which are design independent of both the application as well as the infrastructure.  He also talked about the VPN, QoS, future of the Internet.

One of the on going project he talked about is the interplanetary networks which are being in use by the Nasa to communicate with the rover on the Mars.

Overall it was a great talk by the father of the Internet and i eagerly look forward for rest of the google speaker series


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Vinton Cerf in Hyderabad

Vinton Cerf who is one of the founding fathers of the Internet would give a talk as part of the Google Speaker Series on 23rd Feb. Vinton is the Vice President and chief Internet Evangelist at Google and leads the development of next generation of Internet Applications.

I have got an invitation from Google to attend the talk. Try your luck as Google says there are limited seats.

To meet Vinton in Bangalore on 21st Feb 2007 send your request to vcbangalore@google.com

To meet Vinton in hyderabad on 23st Feb 2007 send your request to vchyderabad@google.com

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Sun Tech Days 2007

As a part of worldwide developer conference sun is organising Tech days in India at Hyderabad from February 21-23, 2007.

Sun says it’s Tech Days are loaded with practical information, examples of real-world solutions, and hands-on training. It helps developers learn new open and free technologies, develop better applications and improve their mission-critical infrastructure.

The Tech Days boasts about a lot of eminent speakers from the Sun’s core development team including the Vice President of Sun. The Tech days promises a lot of excitement with cutting-edge technical education. You can find more information here.

I am pretty cramped up in my schedule  so lets see if i can make it.

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Wiki Camp

Are you interested in wikis and want to know more about them? or are you thinking what this wiki is all about ? Don’t worry India’s first Wiki Camp will answer your queries.


Wikicamp is all about harnessing and understanding the power of Wikis. It is a one day event aimed to bring together the best minds from the Wiki/Internet space to talk about issues, opportunities and what the future and evolution of this valuable tool looks like.

The event will feature workshops, debates and keynotes on the present state and evolution of the wiki. Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia and President of Wikimedia Foundation will be attending the event.

The event is scheduled for the 25th of February, and the venue is at Tidel Park, Chennai. For more information check the wiki for the event.

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