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As usual i was roaming around in the digital world and i came across two very interesting ventures. One of them is Joost and other is Pageflakes.

Joost was started by people who were behind skype. Their Faq says Joost is a new way of watching TV on the Internet which allows searching for channels and programmes and includes features like chat. It uses a secure peer to peer technology to stream programmes. I think it has got a funky interface (that is what i felt after viewing their screenshots). I have applied for their beta-test program and waiting for the access. If any one of you out there have a spare invite do send it to me 🙂 .

Now coming to the other one PageFlakes, it is all about bringing together all the popular websites and displaying on one single page. Each website or feed form little modules on a page which can be moved around thanks to their pretty ajax interface.

PageFlakes is all on one page that you can access from anywhere and we can also share this page with people we invite or make the page public. We can add more pages if one is filled up. It has many cool features including but not limited to adding an email account with pop3 access as a flake or starting a blog.

Can joost create a revolution like skype ? Can PageFlakes become the access point for all the popular websites ? Only time can answer. So lets wait and see.


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