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Vista asking too much

Microsoft Windows Vista…. is the latest buzz word in the Technology world. For the past few years it always been in the news be it, for its funky user interfaces or comments about copying Tiger OS or its hyped file system and Powershell.

Personally Vista has been a disappointment for me. Look below for minimum requirements and you will figure out that your old PC cannot support it.

  • 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
  • 1 GB of system memory
  • 40 GB hard drive with at least 15 GB of available space
  • Support for DirectX 9 graphics with:
    • WDDM Driver
    • 128 MB of graphics memory (minimum)
    • Pixel Shader 2.0 in hardware
    • 32 bits per pixel
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • Audio Output
  • Internet access.

Vista is asking too much and for that jazzy user interface i would be better off installing a free Tiger OS theme rather than shelling out 30000 odd bucks for a new pc and vista.


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Office Live

Office Live.. When i first heard this i thought this is just a reactive product released to counter Google’s on-line productivity tools. Yesterday when i tried to sign up i came to know that its not yet released for India. Imagine getting a domain name and 500 mb hosting space for FREE!!!. Hard to believe but you have to.
Office Live gives us

  • Free domain name and Web hosting
  • Easy-to-use Web site design tools
  • 500 MB of Web site storage space
  • 25 company-branded e-mail accounts
  • Web site reports
  • Search engine advertising tool.

I am eagerly waiting for its launch in India. Who would turn down an offer like that ???

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The Ideal Company

We spend over eight hours working in our company daily we must be happy working there to be creative and productive. An ideal company is one where people just love to come to office. What i need in my ideal company:

  • It should give me a good salary of course I would not be honest if I do not tell this.
  • I have to be able to voice my opinion and be listened.
  • I should be able to increase my knowledge with the field i am with.
  • Should give me challenging problems.
  • Should give me Stock options.
  • Should have enough eves around ;).

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Indians appear to be becoming less risk-averse. Indians are becoming more adventurous-from the size of their home and car loans, to their choice of jobs, to the way they live their lives.

Thanks to a inspiring six-week long ‘India Poised’ campaign by the Times of India, Indians feel “Its Time to Fly”

Awesome anthem for the India Poised Campaign

India Poised Anthem

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